Wicked Adventures will be wreaking havoc and causing mayhem at this year’s Cars & Stripes American Auto-Fest at Rockingham Motor Speedway on July 2/3, providing thrilling monster truck rides for visitors.

With space for eight passengers, people of all ages will have the opportunity to climb aboard one of two full size American monster trucks and experience the ride of a lifetime as they go for a spin around the Cars & Stripes arena.

Following a safety briefing, passengers will get strapped into one of the towering trucks more than 11ft off the ground before feeling the unbelievable power of the beast’s growling engines and its crushing abilities as it obliterates two cars beneath its giant wheels.

Built with love in Bohemia New York, the truck’s cab is the original Chevrolet Silverado Pickup with two seats, while the rear was designed to carry up to eight passengers, making it the ideal vehicle for driving and ride experiences.

Underneath the hood lies a big block six-litre Chevrolet V8 engine, capable of producing up to 300 bhp. With the nitrogen filled TNT shock absorbers running at 900psi, five tonne Rockwell top loader axles and 66 inch tyres, this 7.5 tonnes monster is perfect for launching itself over cars!